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  1. PHILIPS TL-D Super 80 Daylight Lamps - Colour 865, 25 pieces
    PHILIPS TL-D Super 80 Daylight Lamps - Colour 865, 25 pieces
    €62.75 Retail price €118.75 Incl. VAT€75.93
  2. CALEX Daglichtlampen kleur 865 per 25 stuks
    CALEX Daylight Lamps - Colour 865, 25 pieces
    €40.32 Retail price €79.00 Incl. VAT €48.79
  3. Starters S10 voor fluorescentie TL lampen per 25 stuks
    PHILIPS Starters S10 for Fluorescent TL Lamps - 25 pieces
    €13.82 Retail price €25.00 Incl. VAT €16.72

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Fluorescent lighting brings light into the darkness

TL lighting is the most widely used lighting type at the moment. TL lamps are excellent for lighting rooms, workshops and spray booths. CROP offers a wide range of TL tubes in different colors and wattages. Each wattage tube has its own length. The lamps are available in cool white light to a lot of warmer white and daylight.

Philips TL lamps

Philips Master TL-D tubes are the most commonly used fluorescent lamps. This Philips TL tube has energy label B and the longest life span of no less than 15000 hours. These Philips TL-D lamps are available in 18 Watt, 36 Watt and 58 Watt, so you have the right tube for each luminaire.

Daylight TL lamps color 965

TL lamps in daylight color can also be purchased from CROP. With a light output of 4000K, these daylight TL tubes are ideally suited for use in spray booths and during repairs. The TL lamp has the same light output as true daylight! This allows you to perform repairs and spraying at the highest level. Thanks to energy label A, these fluorescent lamps have the longest life span with an average of 20000 hours. We recommend you to use Daylight TL lighting in your spray booth and workplace. Furthermore, these lamps have the highest light output and they contain a daylight color.

Calex TL tubes

Calex TL lamps are priced at high quality TL tubes. These lamps are only available in color 865 (white light) and have a light output of 6500K. These tubes are ideal for use in garages, workplaces and warehouses.

Starters for TL lamps

Without a starter, TL lights do not work. A starter is used to boot a TL tube. When replacing the TL lamps we recommend replacing the starters at all times for a longer life span of the TL lights.

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