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EMINENT EDD850 Cooling Air Freeze Dryer

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SKU 4102000494
Measurement 350 x 498 x 450mm
Weight 20 kg.
Brand Eminent
Packaging per stuk
Category Air Dryers


In the design of EMINENT EDD850 cooling-air freeze-dryer was only one theme central: energy efficiency. By default use of a level-controlled condensate drain is unnecessary venting of expensive compressed air. Further, the refrigeration dryer is equipped with a heat exchanger, a preassembled for-filter with 2 high pressure hoses so that the device is easy to install.

The specific characteristics and advantages of the EMINENT EDD850 cooling-air freeze- dryer are:

  • Efficient 2-stage cooling of the compressed air. The incoming compressed air is cooled in the first stage (in the air-to-air heat exchanger), by the outflowing cold air. In this stage, about 70% of the condensate may be separated without the addition of extra energy. In the second step the compressed air is cooled in the cooling gas-to-air heat exchanger to 3 ° C. The outflowing cold and dry air is also heated for the escape.
  • Due to extremely large channels, the pressure drop is very low, so energy saving
  • The system is provided with an overload reservoir, which acts as a cold battery. The result is a constant pressure dew point at extreme and highly fluctuating conditions
  • The heat exchanger is equipped with a highly efficient moisture separator
  • The heat exchanger is highly susceptible to contamination
  • Very low power consumption due to unique heat exchanger
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials, namely: - R 134 A refrigerant CFC-free - CFC-free cold-insulation material
  • Reliable and energy efficient operation through capacity control
  • Compact construction
  • Large range: models for flow rates of 350 to 13900 litres per minute (larger models on request)
  • Also be used under extreme conditions up to an ambient temperature of +50 ° C
  • Optional wall brackets are available

EMINENT EDD850 cooling-air freeze-dryer is equipped with:

  • Level-controlled condensate drain. As a result, no waste of expensive compressed air and no noise.
  • For-filter
  • 2 high pressure hoses


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