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DEBRASEL ALSI 12 / FINIXA PbSn Replacer Polyester Filler with Hardener

DEBRASEL ALSI 12 / FINIXA PbSn Replacer Polyester Filler with Hardener
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More Information
Filler type 2K (2-component)
Colour Grijs
Contents 1 liter
Packaging per blik
Category Fillers & Putty


DEBRASEL Alsi 12 / PbSn Replacer polyester filler is a very hard and strong 2K putty where even screw thread can be tapped! The DEBRASEL Alsi 12 filler is heat resistant to temperatures of 500°C and incomparable with other fillers. It is easy to apply, hardens within 10 minutes and has very good anticorrosive properties. DEBRASEL Alsi / PbSn Replacer is to repair mainly used for finishing of stainless welds and closing small holes or cracks in the body. The stainless finishing of lattice or seams is with DEBRASEL PbSn Replacer very easy. DEBRASEL PbSn Replacer becomes so hard that it is also possible to repair broken corners on body parts or to fill holes and tapping new screw threads.

Several applications of the DEBRASEL Alsi12 / PbSn Replacer:

  • Reform of angular edges
  • Cracks in the crankcase, cracked cylinder heads and engine block, leaking into gasoline, diesel or water tank
  • Watertight integrity of a scratched mortar
  • In order to fix wire to pieces
  • This product insulate well and in some cases can isolate a fuse box and an electric wire clamp.

Super light kit composed of metal alloy, can be used on all metals, also aluminium. Can also be used on wood. Alsi 12 is resistant to hydrocarbon, gasoline, diesel, fuel and certain acids (battery). Depending on the application and surface is Alsi 12 resistant to temperatures up to 200°C - first do a test!!!


  1. The content of the box should be mixed well to get a homogeneous paste
  2. Take the required amount of the product for the application
  3. Mix with 2% hardener
  4. Surafces must be clean and cool, free from grease or other impurities to surfaces. The to be treated surfaces must be rough or scratched, but not smooth.

Application for car-body and trucks:

  • Restore the body part affected by oxidation
  • Apply to all metal and galvanized sheets
  • Very hard and very resistant thanks to its lamellar structure
  • The reforming of the sheel transitions, finishing of weld seams of the behind side-panels, the body parts around the windshield and around an open roof
  • Important fill from the bottom of the car body, the chassis beams and roof
  • Trucks: on the cabin, the sides and the tank.

Other applications:

  • Exhaust system repair
  • Repair of hydrocarbon tanks
  • Repair of batteries (resistant to certain acids)
  • Repairs by the carters: burst and motor blocks
  • Reforming of a scratched mortar
  • Can be pierced when necessary
  • Streaming the fuselage of the aircraft again
  • Re-filling of worn parts in the industry and public works equipment
  • Closing at plumbing.

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