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Custom made car paint

Would you like to buy custom made car paint? CROP has over 88 years of experience in the car paint industry and non-paint products. Thanks to our years of expertise, we’re able to make any desired color.

Which colors car paint can we make?

In addition to standard car paint, we can also deliver the following: universal colors, RAL colors, metallics, pearl effects and additional special effects. Our experienced painters have years of experience, knowledge and love for paint to be able to mix every color with a 100% match. The paint can be filled in an aerosol, can or pen. These are available in different sizes.

How do we make car paint?

With our professional painters, you always receive the right color. Do you have a color code, name or recipe? We can mix the exact color on basis of the data and corresponding recipe. No color code or name? Don’t worry, we can ensure that you will receive the right color. We offer the possibility to scan the color with one of our professional spectrophotometers.

Scan car paint

In case you don’t have any details of the specific color, we can make it on basis of a sample of the paint. CROP offers the possibility to scan the desired color with one of our X-Rite spectrophotometers. Thanks to the car paint scanner, the color is accurately measured with a corresponding recipe. With this recipe, we can mix the color for you.

We constantly invest in the latest devices and techniques. Because of the enormous variety of colors and special effects, accurately determining the right color is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Thanks to our years of experience, passion for paint and the X-Rite spectrophotometer, we ensure that any color can be measured.

How does a spectrophotometer work?

A spectrophotometer is a portable car paint scanner that makes it possible to scan every color. The corresponding recipe is measured by scanning the color, afterwards we can mix the color and fill it in the desired quantity. Ideal for when you don’t have a color code or name, but still want to buy the paint!

The color is sharply measured by the spectrophotometer from many different angles. The scanner captures different pigments, possible metallics and effects in the paint. Based on the measurement, the spectrophotometer searches for the recipe in its database. Afterwards, we connect the spectrophotometer to our computer. The recipe will be printed, and we can start mixing the color. Furthermore, we always compare the mixed color with the sample. This is the final step to ensure that the color matches your sample.

Send a sample of the paint

Too far to visit? You can also send us a color sample. This can be a petrol valve, a side mirror, towing eye or other piece of car paint. As long as it has a minimum size of a credit card.

Once we receive your sample, our painters start working immediately. They start by inspecting the color and polishing the paint. This will make it completely scratch-free, allowing the spectrophotometer to achieve optimal results. After the color is measured, it will be sent to you along with your products.

Would you like to visit us? You are very welcome

Do you prefer personal contact, and would you like to receive direct advice from one of our product specialists? Come and visit us, we would love to welcome you with a nice cup of coffee or tea!

Unfortunately, it does happen that the schedules of our painters are full. If you would like to come and wait for your customized color, we advise you to call in advance.

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