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Car windshield polishing

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Car windshield polishing

Car windshield polishing is done with glass polish and a polishing machine. By polishing the windshield, you can remove car window scratches. Besides removing scratches in the car window, you can also polish away dull deposits, weathering and stone chips. At CROP, you can buy everything you need to polish your own car windshield. From high-quality glass polish to remove car windshield scratches, to polishing cloths and a polishing machine.

Why windshield polishing?

Windshield polishing of the car, RV or caravan can have several reasons. While driving a car, stones can hit the car window: this is called stone chips. Stone chips cause scratches and pits in the windshield. Over time, your car windshield is full of these damages. A new car windshield is usually expensive. By polishing the windshield, you will save these costs and the glass of the car window will look like new again! Windshield polishing is something you can easily do yourself. Read below how to polish a car windshield yourself.

How to: car windshield polishing

Car windshield polishing is done with the step-by-step plan below. To polish a car windshield you need glass polish, a polishing cloth and preferably a polishing machine. Our advice is to use a rotary polisher. An eccentric polisher bounces off the glass.

  1. Clean the car window with degreaser.
  2. Apply some glass polish to the polishing pad.
  3. Spread the glass polish over the car window with the polisher on the lowest setting.
  4. All the glass polish distributed? Now raise the RPM.
  5. Always keep the polisher moving while polishing the glass.
  6. Polish the car window until the glass polish is saturated.
  7. Now rub out the glass polish with a polishing cloth.
  8. If desired, the steps can be repeated for maximum results.

SONAX glass polish

Polishing a car window by hand? The SONAX glass polish is a glass polish for polishing the windshield of your car yourself without the need for a polishing machine. The SONAX glass polish has a slightly abrasive effect that allows you to remove scratches from the car windshield by polishing with a cloth.