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Wheel & Tire Cleaners

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Wheels & Tyres

It's important to keep your tyres and wheels in prime condition. CROP can provide a solution with a variety of wheel and tyre cleaners. Car detailers know the importance of tires and wheels. You can compare it to wearing sneakers with a tuxedo. We offer the best wheel products to make the job as painless as possible. Wheel and tire care has the following aspects

  • Wheel cleaner
  • Tire cleaner
  • Wheel polish
  • Tire dressing

Tire & Wheel Cleaners

CROP has a huge selection of tire cleaners and wheel cleaners for chrome, coated, aluminum and alloy wheels. We stock wheel cleaners by the best in the business: Meguiar's, Angelwax, Wowo's, P&S and many more. The best wheel cleaners do not contain agressive chemicals and are water-based. Non-acidic wheel cleaners can be used on all wheel finishes without spotting or etching.

Meguiar's Tyre Gel

Meguiar's Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel stops tyres from turning brown and keeps them black for weeks. Never has a tyre looked so good for so long! Meguiar's tyre gel eliminates the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and spotted driveways. Furthermore, tire shine gel leaves a long last high gloss finish.

P&S Brake Buster

The Rag Company - P&S Brake Buster safely removes accumulated brake dust, oil, dirt, stains and light corrosion from premium quality wheels without damaging the delicate surface. Brake Buster is a unique cleaning foam product that adheres to the wheel surface and penetrates the dirt deposits to clean them away. Brake Buster deposits a thin layer of special corrosion inhibitors to protect the wheel from future corrosion. Always allow wheels to cool prior to product application. Once cooled spray P and S Brake Buster on to wheel surface. Allow to stand for one minute or greater. Scrub with wheel brush if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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