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FINIXA spray wax

FINIXA spray wax is a detailing spray that can be used after car washing to give paint extra shine and a protective layer with a dirt-repellent effect. FINIXA spray wax works streak-free on any car paint and can be used on high gloss and matte cars. FINIXA spray wax comes in a 5 liter jerry can to spray with a pressure sprayer.

How to use FINIXA spray wax?

FINIXA spray wax 5 liters can be used in a pressure sprayer, spray pump or hand sprayer. FINIXA spray wax is ready to use and does not need to be diluted or diluted with water. Thanks to its unique formula, FINIXA spray wax can be used on both wet and dry cars. Follow the steps below to properly use FINIXA spray wax.

  1. Make sure the car is washed.
  2. Use a pressure sprayer or hand sprayer to spray the spray wax.
  3. Spray the detailing spray wax on the car and let it sit for a minute.
  4. Using a dry and clean microfiber cloth, rub out the spray wax on the car.
  5. Use a second microfiber cloth to buff the spray wax to shine for a streak-free result.
  6. Now proceed to the next part on the car.

Spray wax as a waterless wash

FINIXA spray wax can be used as a waterless wash to wash without water. Washing the car without water with FINIXA spray wax removes dirt, dust, tar and road surface grime without having to wash the car with shampoo and water. The FINIXA spray wax can be used as a waterless wash when car paint is not too heavily soiled. We recommend washing a car that is extremely dirty with shampoo at all times. This will prevent scratches during car washing.

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