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Car dryers & blowers

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Car dry blowers

Car dry blowers are used to electrically dry your car after washing it. An electric car dry blower is therefore also called a car blower. By using a dry blower after car washing, you blow the water off the car and out of cracks, seams or hard-to-reach areas. A car dryer is portable and has a high wind speed that allows you to dry your car spotless and streak-free after washing. At CROP you can buy a car dry blower from a wide range of well-known car detailing brands. Discover the assortment at Nonpaints.com!

Car blower

Besides blowing dry, a car blower is also used to blow away dust and dirt in the car that you cannot reach with a vacuum cleaner or cleaning brush. Because of this, a car detailer or cleaning company uses a car dry blower as a blower to blow away loose dirt and dust from the car interior so that the inside is clean and like new again. A car dry blower and blow is safe for car paint and a vinyl car wrap!

Car drying with a blower

Would you like to blow your car dry with a blower after washing it? A car dry blower is a high-quality blower where the device with a high wind speed ensures that you can blow away the water after car washing. Using a dry blower on your car sprays water and dirt out of cracks, rebates and seams. This eliminates annoying drips and drips after car washing.

Car dryer brands

Do you want to buy a car dryer? Then you have several brands to choose from at CROP. All car blower brands are of high quality for intensive and professional use. In addition, you will receive the official manufacturer's warranty of 2 years on all car dry blowers. At Nonpaints.com, choose from the car blower brands below.

  • BigBoi BlowR Buddi
  • BigBoi BlowR Mini
  • BigBoi BlowR Pro
  • Metrovac Blaster Sidekick

BigBoi BlowR auto dry blower

BigBoi BlowR car dry blower is professionally used to blow your car doog after washing. The BigBoi BlowR is portable and has a long hose so you can blow the whole car dry. The 5 meter hose allows you to let the BigBoi BlowR hit the ground while you use the hose to blow your car dry. Worldwide, the BigBoi BlowR is used by professional car detailers and car enthusiasts to quickly dry the car after washing.

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