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  1. Thinnerhevelaar Ryton
    RYTHON Thinner Cleaning Pump
    €130.01 Retail price €165.00
  2. Power Pomp Vloeistofhevelaar
    Power Liquid Piston Pump
    €18.71 Retail price €28.00
  3. Thinner hevelaar op statief
    Thinner Cleaning Pump on Stand
    €145.09 Retail price €193.45

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Jerrycan taps and Siphon pump makes the use of fluids quickly and easily. these jerrycans and siphon pump also contribute to the safety in combination with chemicals and fluids.

Exclusively at CROP, the Power Pump for the transfer of any kind of liquid! This Power-Pomp is ideally suited for the transfer of fuel from one tank to the other!

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