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Degreasing: a good start is half the work

A degreaser is essential with any spray or paint job. The degreasing ensures that the surface is clean and free of grease. This ensures that the paint, primer or lacquer attaches well to the surface. If you don’t degrease the area properly, there will be no optimal adhesion and the paint will flake off later.

Powerful degreasers has a full range of powerful degreasers and silicone removers for a thorough cleaning of the surface. The solvent-based degreasers are suitable for cleaning and degreasing of bare metal, old paint/lacquer, putty and primers. Some degreasers even remove silicone!

Antistatic degreaser

Antistatic degreasers ensures that plastic, bare metal, aluminum and old paintwork is thoroughly cleaned and has an antistatic effect. This degreaser removes static electricity and prevents dust or contamination being attracted to the surface again.

Degreaser in can and aerosol

Through our years of experience and practical knowledge, we offer a complete range of degreasers in various packages. From economy size packs of 20 and 5 liter cans, to liter bottles and handy aerosol degreasers for any spot repair or do it yourself specialist. All these options make sure you can find the right degreaser for any activity.

Waterborne degreaser

A revolution in degreasers, the waterborne degreaser with antistatic effect. This cleaner is water based and has a patented formula that stays wet causing surface imperfections longer and better visible. When the surface is rubbed with a degreasing cloth, it creates a fast and even evaporation.

Because this cleaning agent is water-based, is can be applied on any surface, both water-based and solvent-based. Also, this water-based degreaser is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and completely soluble in water. In addition, this cleanser has a pleasant smell unlike other degreasers.

In conclusion, CROP the right address for your degreasers and cleaners.

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