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1K Car Spray Paint
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More Information
Paint component 1K (1-Component)
Colour Iedere gewenste kleur
Brand MIPA
Contents 400ml
Packaging per stuk
Category 1K Car Paint


1 component custom filled car spray paint

1K car spray paint consists of 1 component. This type of automotive paint is the most commonly used car paint and can be made in any colour; also metallic and pearl (pearlescent) colours.

Fast drying automotive paint

1 component car paint is more suitable for items and areas less prone to potential scratches. It has a fast-drying time, it does not require an active to dry and is ready to spray.

Professional acryl car paint

At CROP, you are assured of buying professional 1K car spray paint on solvent base. Our conventional 1K car paint is a high-quality acrylic automotive paint that guarantees a 100% colour match with fantastic coverage.

Use clear coat over 1K car paint

When spraying 1K car spray paint, we advise to use a clear coat. Without a clear coat, the 1K automotive paint is not:

  • Resistant to scratches, chemicals, paint thinner, petrol and external weather influences.

Metallic paint with silver particles

Metallic paints can be seen as solid car paint, only with a small quantity of powdered metal added. This automotive paint shines bright like a diamond.

Pearlescent paint

Pearlescent car paint is a special automotive paint that has a shimmering, metallic glint. No other car paint type is more popular. Pearlescent spray paint does not only give car paint a sparkle, but also a deep colour that can vary depending on how you look at it. In direct sunlight, pearlescent paint knocks spots off metallic finishes. Pearl paint consists of two layers. The second layer determines the pearl effect. We always advise to use a clear coat as a third layer.

No colour code or name of a car spray paint?

Would you like to buy car spray paint, but is the colour code or name missing? Don’t worry, our colour mixer is able to identify any colour. We use a special spectrophotometer that scans objects without any additional information required. After we have attained the results, we can mix car paint in an aerosol.

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