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MIPA 2K Löser Blending Thinner 1 Litre

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SKU 234110000
Paint component 1K (1-Component)
Type Uitspuitverdunning
Colour Transparant
Brand MIPA
Contents 1 liter
Packaging per blik
Category Thinners


MIPA 2K Löser Blending Thinner 1 Litre is a fade-out additive specifically developed for minor damage to the lacquer of a vehicle cost effective, professional, effortless and invisible repair.

With this special blending thinner all 2K topcoats as well as 2K clear coats in fine gradations will overflow, because the existing lacquer and the thinner completely dissolves. The result is a quick and simple spot repair.

Some features of MIPA 2K Löser blending thinner:

  • The MIPA 2K Löser blending thinner will be undiluted applied on the overflow area within the sanded surface
  • Makes it possible to carry out spotrepairs without overspray and the resulting polishing operations


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