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UltraRack Multifunctional Paintstand - Rotatable & Mobile

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SKU 59-990214
Measurement 1.200 x 1.200 x 1.000mm
Brand CROP
Packaging per stuk
Category Painting Stands


Choose the UltraRack Paint Stand for a five-star finish, every time

This multifunction paint stand is an extremely compact rotating and mobile paint stand for vertical, horizontal and also working in an inclined position to z.b. Car doors, trunk lids, hoods and other vehicle parts. It offers car dealerships and specialist workshops a wide range of applications thanks to its design. Simplify the car painting, light repairing and car panel prepping process with the Innovative UltraRack Automotive Paint Stand.

The paint stand is easy to handle and to use

This paint stand features four industrial-grade total-lock caster wheels that provide stability while you work. The locks not only prevent the wheels from rolling, but the stem from swiveling side-to-side. The seven locking positions on the stand mimic a part’s positioning on a vehicle and allow you to paint a car panel without ever putting the spray gun down.

Complete system, no additional attachments necessary.

The UltraRack Paint Stand is a complete system that requires no accessories and allows you to paint, repair and prep vehicle panels of various shapes and sizes. Work on panels of various sizes by adjusting the width and height of the stand’s heavy-duty support arms and frames.

The component mounting can be set in the width of 480 to 1420 millimeters and in the length of 300 to 1420 millimeters. Vehicle doors, hoods, covers, bumpers and other components in all sizes can be easily and quickly positioned for the painting process so that the insides can also be painted.

Product Highlights

  • Holds hoods, tailgates, doors, lift gates, deck lids, cargo doors and fenders
  • Efficient single-hand operation, non-interrupted spraying
  • Seven locking positions mimic the parts position on the vehicle for a seamless match
  • Protective rubber boots keep critical areas free of overspray
  • Complete system – no accessories needed
  • Four industrial-grade, total-lock caster wheels for stability; zero movement when locked


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