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What is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a unique revolution in the lacquer and paint industry. It is a removable coating with a smooth and sleek finish. It is also known as the liquid car wrap.

How does Plasti Dip work?

Rubber paint is a special rubber coating that can be sprayed by using an aerosol or spray gun. It is a temporary and removable car paint.

What is Plasti Dip being used for?

It is used for a variety of applications. From repainting of cars, to the spraying of individual parts like spoilers, side mirrors and other accessories.

This removable paint can also be applied to various do it yourself projects around the house, garage, garden, etc. Also, the dip protects against moisture, rust, other acids and can withstand any type of weather conditions in the Benelux. Hot summers and cold winters do not form a barrier.

Rubber paint has a perfect adhesion on all smooth surfaces such as car paint, wood, concrete, plastic, metal and aluminum. Finally, it can be used for anti-gravel. The rubber coating prevents gravel cause damage to the paint.

Which Plasti Dip colors are available?

Plasti Dip paint is available in all standard colors. CROP also offers you the possibility to mix special colors in a rubber paint quality.

How long does Plasti Dip remain?

A good beginning is half the work. It will look perfect and last longer if the pretreatment and application is implemented in the right way. It is necessary to clean the surface thoroughly to make it free of grease. We recommend to clean it with powerful degreasers. Furthermore, a minimum of 4 coats is required before the sprayed part is taken into use.

Is Plasti Dip easy to remove?

The trick to quickly and easily remove rubber paint is in the adequate coverage when applying the dip. It is necessary to provide sufficient and multiple covering layers during the spraying. In case you would like to remove it, you just pull a small part off. Afterwards, you can slowly pull off the rest.

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