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Cabin-Peel Peel-off and Washable Protective Coating - Transparent, 25 litres

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SKU S0239-25
Colour Transparant
Brand CROP
Contents 25 liter
Packaging per stuk
Category Dust Control & Protection Film


Cabin-Peel, peel-off and washable protective coating is the only transparent coating that both is peel-off and washable and specially designed for long-term protection of spray booths and mixing areas against paint overspray, dirt and dust. The transparent peel-off lacquer is an ideal, and ready to use and preventive protection and can with help of an airless pump, roller or brush easily be applied. Thanks to the new, unique composition is the peel-off lacquer also easy to remove. In addition, it meets the latest environmental standards, because the product is completely on water-base.

Peel-off and washable Cabin-Peel can with any type of spray gun quickly and easily be applied and one layer is enough to protect the surface or object in the hardest areas against overspray and dust.

Cabin-Peel dries on to a clear, transparent protective coating that easily peel-off and washable is. Therefore, this product is also ideal to protect the spray booth lighting. This also saves you a lot masking work.

After removal (stripping) of the coating your booth walls finds again in its original condition!

Some characteristics of the Cabin-Peel peel-off and washable protective coating:

  • Water-based product that dries like a crystal clear film
  • Does not affect the light output in the spray booth
  • Works quickly and easily
  • Saves time and material
  • Dries quickly and forms a strong film that captures dust and dirt and protects the object against overspray
  • Harmless and biodegradable and meets the latest environmental requirements
  • Can also be used for the protection of parts
  • Protects walls up to about 150 covered cars after Cabin-Peel should be removed and a new layer can be applied
  • Bringing with an airless pump, brush, roller, or a Max-Air W98-NG gravity paint spray with a 2.5 mm orifice
  • Easy peel-off or to remove with water

Peel-off paint is specially designed for long-term protection of walls and ceilings of spray booths against pollution caused by spray, dirt and dust. After drying the coating is easily peel-off and even heavy overspray can be removed quickly and cleanly. Contaminated sites may be interim stripped into parts and be treated again.

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Cabin-Peel Peel-off and Washable Protective Coating - Transparent, 25 litres
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