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Scotch Brite

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Scotch Brite

Scotch Brite has been the best product worldwide for sanding, matting, polishing and grinding for years. Scotch Brite can be recognized by the non-woven structure that makes the 3M abrasive unique and better than other brands. The Scotch Brite abrasive is used professionally on a daily basis to mattify paint, varnish or a surface, sand completely bare, grind or finish by polishing. Because the 3M Scotch Brite is non-woven, the sanding material can be safely used on all surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, glass, carbon, galvanized steel, plastic and more. At CROP, you can buy Scotch Brite in the types and sizes listed below.

  • Scotch Brite sponge
  • Scotch Brite disc
  • Scotch Brite sanding pad
  • Scotch Brite roller

Scotch Brite sponge

Scotch Brite sponge for hand matting paint, varnish or other surfaces. The Scotch Brite 3M sponge is soft so the pad molds to the surface during sanding. This gives you an even sanding pattern without pressure points with the Scotch Brite sponge. Because the 3M Scotch Brite sponge is a non-woven sanding material, it can be used for both dry and wet sanding with water or degreaser. The Scotch Brite sponge is available in 3 sizes: red, gray and purple.

Scotch Brite roll

Scotch Brite roll is used for hand sanding. The 3M Scotch Brite roll has a length of 10 meters and can be cut to size allowing you to decide how long the sanding pad is. Thanks to the non-woven open web structure, the sanding roll does not fill up with dust, allowing you to maintain constant sharp sanding. The Scotch Brite roller is widely used for matting paint and lacquer or roughening a surface before painting or spraying lacquer. Because the 3M Scotch Brite roller is flexible, you can sand on corners, edges and hard-to-reach areas.

Scotch Brite disc

Scotch Brite disc you use on the sander for machine sanding or matting. The Scotch Brite disc has a diameter of 150mm, a velcro backing and is available in 3 grooves. Because of this, you can usually use the 3M disc Scotch Brite on all sanders with a 150mm velcro sanding pad. By using a Scotch Brite disc on your sander, you work faster and get a nice matted sanding pattern.

Scotch Brite sanding pad

Scotch Brite sanding pad is used by hand to quickly sand and mattify old paint or varnish. The 3M Scotch Brite sanding pad has a size of 16x23cm so it fits well in the hand. Because the Scotch Brite hand pad is very flexible and does not tear, you can easily sand sharp corners or edges. A Scotch Brite sanding pad is ideal for lightly sanding the surface before spraying or painting new paint.

Where to buy Scotch Brite?

Want to buy Scotch Brite and want to know where best to do this? At CROP you have a wide selection of all 3M Scotch Brite products to order online from a large assortment. Here you can buy 3M Scotch Brite both in bulk packaging and separately per scouring sponge, scouring roller or scouring pad. Are you looking for a certain Scotch Brite product but it is not listed here? Please contact our product specialists, we are happy to help you the same day to still buy this 3M product online with us.

Which Scotch Brite abrasive grit

Which Scotch Brite abrasive grit to use depends on the job. 3M Scotch Brite has 3 different grits: SUFN, SVFN and AVFN. This Scotch Brite abrasive grit stands for fine, extra fine and ultra fine. You can recognize the Scotch Brite abrasive grain by the color of the abrasive. In this regard, the Scotch Brite red is 3M's most commonly used abrasive grain.

Scotch Brite red

Scotch Brite red is the most commonly used non-woven product for sanding. The red 3M Scotch Brite can be ordered in a sponge, sanding pad and roller. Thanks to its fine abrasive grain, Scotch Brite red allows you to sand old paint and varnish, as well as roughen up a material before you start varnishing or painting. Scotch Brite red can be used for both dry and wet sanding. Thanks to the special web structure, 3M's red Scotch Brite does not clog up with sanding dust, making the product perform better.

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