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  1. RODCRAFT RC7091 MBX Pneumatic Grinder
    RODCRAFT RC7091 MBX Pneumatic Grinder
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RODCRAFT was founded in 1975 in Mülheim a / d Rhein and has become one of the leading brands in the field of air tools. Begun in the German market RODCRAFT meanwhile represented in over 85 countries around the world. Daughter firms or importers are editing the local market.

This rapid rise is mainly due to the following facts:

  • RODCRAFT offers the most complete range of air tools
  • The price - quality ratio
  • Service is highly valued at RODCRAFT

In addition, a group of highly skilled engineers and technicians constantly working to improve the existing range. The same group also provides all new appliances which are demanded by the market. Therefore, many RODCRAFT products are patent provided because they have sprung from the constant search for innovations and improvements. The complete range of plastic devices is the clearest proof of this quest.

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