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  1. KENT Radiator Leak Stop 250ml Flesje
    KENT Radiator Leak Stop 250ml Flesje
    €18.42 Retail price €21.00
  2. KENT Rid Rust 400ml Spuitbus
    KENT Rid Rust in 500ml Aerosol
    €32.64 Retail price €38.96 €29.38
  3. KENT Super Bond Pen
    KENT Super Bond Pen 10 Gram
    €11.89 Retail price €13.95
  4. KENT Versa Tape 19mm / rol
    KENT Versa Tape - 19mm, Roll
    €69.36 Retail price €82.80 €62.42

20 Items

12 24

KENT is the choice of the specialist. KENT supplies quality products for repairs and maintenance to customers in the automotive, industry and the shipping industry, in more than 30 countries.

At KENT we are proud that we have been more than 25 years a supplier at the first choice of body shops, garages, damage repair companies, window replacements and service companies. In that time we have gained a deep understanding of the individual needs of our customers and extensive experience in mechanics, dent removers, painters, mechanics, technicians, buyers and owners of businesses built. The products in this catalog are the result of that collaboration.

Automotive marktsegment
KENT supplies more than 30 years the best products in the automotive aftermarket to bodyshops, garages, damage repair companies, window replacements and service throughout the world. KENT products are tested to the highest standards and you can also find the TÜV, TNO and other rigorous quality labels on KENT products.

Industrial marktsegment:
The product range of KENT for the industry comprises a wide range of welding systems, sealants and adhesives, lubricants, and wall and floor fixings which are used in numerous different maintenance applications and environments, such as large industrial companies but also for schools, hospitals, government buildings and army 

Shipping / Marine marktsegment:
The range of KENT provides customers in the marine industry all possible care products - bonding agents, sealants, fillers, greases, lubricants, cleaners and polishes, as well as a superior range of abrasives which again and again provide a perfect result. KENT has standing concern for workers and the environment a high priority and therefore all products are CFC-free, many are also VOC-free, and MS polymer bonding agents and sealants are isocyanate and therefore completely safe to apply without special precautions for the breathing and suction systems.

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