2K Brake Caliper Paint in Aerosol 400ml

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Paint type
2K (2 Component)
SprayMax / MIPA
per stuk

Description of the 2K Brake Caliper Paint in Aerosol 400ml

2K Brake Caliper Paint in Aerosol

2K Caliper Paint is a professional 2-component paint specially developed for brake calipers. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, petrol resistant, corrosion resistant and also resistant to brake fluid. This caliper paint is available in 6 unique colors!

Professional paint for brake calipers

The 2-component paint used is MIPA. MIPA paint is a professional lacquer that is also used by professional bodyshops. This paint guarantees superior quality and extremely long durability.

Brake caliper paint in SprayMax aerosol

These high quality colors are mixed in a 2K SprayMax aerosol. The 2-component SprayMax aerosols stand for extremely tight spraying with a high paint yield. The spraying result is the same as when using a professional spray gun.

Colors Brake Caliper Paint

2K Caliper Paint is available in 6 beautiful colors. These colors are bright and have a high coverage. Thanks to the professional quality, the colors retain their beautiful color for a long time! Even when using the strongest wheel cleaners and car shampoos.

Brake Caliper Paint Red (Brembo)

Red is one of the most popular colors for calipers. This red caliper paint corresponds to the familiar red color of Brembo calipers. Get ready for a cool race look!

Brake Caliper Paint Yellow (Ceramic)

Yellow is exclusive and known as the color for ceramic brakes. The bright yellow color let the car calipers look extremely tough!

Brake Caliper Paint Green (Porsche Hybrid)

Porsche hybrid cars have calipers in a unique green color. We can mix the exact Porsche color and fill it in a 2K spray can.

Brake Caliper Paint Blue

Blue gives your car a distinctive, yet solid appearance. It is known from the electric cars at Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda!

Brake Caliper Paint White

Looking for a spotless white color? White is crystal clear and extremely white. Get ready for a daring look!

Brake Caliper Paint Purple

Looking for something really bold? Purple will give the brake calipers of your car a unique look!

Do I have to use primer?

Calipers are made of metal. For optimal and long-lasting adhesion of the paint, we recommend using 2K epoxy primer. A 2-component epoxy primer provides extremely strong adhesion of the paint, while at the same time providing excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Always use a primer before using the paint.

Choose your own gloss level!

Have you chosen your favourite color? You also have the ability to choose between 3 different gloss levels. The available gloss levels are:

  • High gloss (100% gloss)
  • Satin gloss (50% gloss)
  • Matt (10% gloss)

Product Features 2K Brake Caliper Paint in Aerosol

  • Professional paint
  • High coverage
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Petrol resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to brake fluid

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